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Our History

In 2007, Minister Noah Rocker was appointed by the leadership of the Southern Diocese of the Church of God Pentecostal, Inc. to begin a mission work in the Birmingham, AL Metro region. Many of the saints’ offspring and relatives of the organization had relocated to this area for educational and vocational purposes, but there was no assembly affiliated with the organization in this area where they could join and worship.
In July 2007, the Birmingham Mission of the Church of God Pentecostal, Inc. held its opening service in the home of Brother Cornelius Richardson in Calera, AL with Minister Rocker, Brother Richardson, and Brother Anthony Poellnitz (then a college student at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL) present. Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Only three were present that night, and just as the Lord Jesus said he was in the midst. Minister Rocker exhorted the saints of the importance of striving to maintain the unity of the Spirit. He encouraged that we walk by the same rule and mind the same things.

Following the International Holy Convocation of August 2007, Deacon and Sister Robert Campbell of the Church of God Pentecostal Brewton, AL sowed the first seed for the Mission which helped to advance the work. In the process of time, God began to move on the hearts of many others to come and join the work. According to Acts 2, the early church moved from house to house as the work of the Lord abounded. Brother Ryan Martin and wife Shannon opened the doors of their home to the services of the Mission. As weekly services continued, the Martin’s residence eventually emerged as the primary meeting place with alternate locations of the Telra Rocker and Wynema Kimbrough residences.

In 2009, the National Council and Board of Bishops under the leadership of Bishop Johnny J. Young unanimously agreed to promote Elder Rocker to the office of Pastor for the Birmingham, AL area. Continually, Elder Rocker asked God for souls to be saved and souls to be added to the assembly as He willed. On April 9, 2009, Sister Telra Rocker was the first soul filled with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking with tongues as the Spirit gave the utterance. This move of God continued through June and on the 19th day, Sister Wynema Kimbrough received the baptism of the Holy Ghost likewise.

Although God was moving and the ministry was being blessed, Elder Rocker was not completely satisfied as he felt moving from house to house was becoming a burden to the people. As David, the saints desired a house wherein they could freely worship God. Through prayer and fasting, the saints collectively sought God for a building. God, trying the faith and patience of the saints, touched the heart of the sales manager of the Hampton Inn/Highway 280 who in January 2010 gave the Mission a significantly reduced rate for weekly use of the hotel’s meeting room. Finally, in May 2010, God opened the door for the Church and the property at 4352 Levine Ave. Graysville, AL was acquired. With joy and thanksgiving, the building was received and services were immediately held. On June 29th, the first soul, Sister Vanessa Reed, was filled with the Holy Ghost at the new edifice.

This is just the beginning of a mighty work that will be manifested in the Birmingham area in these latter times. This work and ministry were blessed by God at the request of our late Founder, Bishop E.D. Davis.