Welcome to Holy Temple Church of God Pentecostal

We cordially welcome you to Holy Temple Church of God Pentecostal, a dynamic and growing revival church that desires to be a blessing to you and your family.

In these turbulent and unstable times it is often hard to find true peace and joy within. Strife and confusion fill our land as we see evidenced with every newspaper headline. People are looking for answers to life's perplexities and cannot find them.

Suicide, Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Abortion-On-Demand, and Broken Lives are just some of the tell-tale signs of a world in desperate trouble. But Jesus Said, "I am come that they might have life and have that more abundantly."

At Holy Temple Church of God Pentecostal
, we have a life changing message for you. A message that you can truly experience.

Upcoming Events

Sun, August 24,
Sunday School and Morning Worship

Wed, August 27, 7:30 PM
Intercessory Prayer and Bible Study

Fri, August 29, 8:00 PM
Church Anniversary Night Service

Sat, August 30, 11:00 AM
Church Anniversary Prayer Breakfast